Hackers Don't Go On Holiday

by Ben Brown | 08/16/2022

Ronin-Pentest – Managed service plans

Hackers Don't Take Holidays: Use Ronin’s Managed Service Plans for Small Business Cyber Protection

It's that time of year when many people are packing their bags and jetting off on holiday. But, while you and your team are taking a well-earned break from work, hackers and cybercriminals will be working extra hard to exploit any vulnerabilities while your team is away. Use Ronin’s managed service plans built for small businesses to ensure your cyber security is secure. Hackers don't take holidays! It's crucial to have expert cyber security measures in place such as Ronin’s fully managed service to protect your business all year round. Let the cyber security experts at Ronin take the reins and manage everything for you, our experts will constantly monitor your systems for any potential threats, so you can relax knowing your data is safe.

Ronin’s Small Business Managed Service Plans.

Hands-free protection. Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive data. This is why it's so important to have a strong cyber security strategy in place, and one that is regularly updated and monitored. Cyber security should be a top priority for all businesses, no matter their size. With Ronin’s [fully managed service plans] (https://ronin-pentest.com/services), you can be confident that your systems are robust, and that your data is always safe from the latest threats. Hackers never sleep and, with every new app update, system change and new user, you're more at risk. Staying on top of your cyber security is critical. Our managed service plans cater to all businesses and sizes and will meet your specific needs and protect your business from cybercriminals. We'll evaluate and assess your business' infrastructure as many times as needed and make sure that you are protected from hackers at all times! Every system needs regular checks, but not every business needs a weekly check. With that in mind, our annual plans are built around how many scans your business may need in a year. Our team will manage the work, ensuring the scans are done and our affordable plans will ensure your cash flow isn’t impacted. All our managed cyber security plans include a scoping meeting, manual verification of issues, and a result presentation meeting. Our plans range from monthly vulnerability assessing and testing to quarterly and six-monthly managed plans.

Big Protection, Small Price!

As the world moves inexorably online, the risks associated with doing business increase. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to attack, as they often lack the resources and expertise to properly protect themselves. We want to bring cyber security to the wider market of users who know that security is an issue they shouldn’t be ignoring but don’t know how to go about putting cyber security measures in place. As [white hat hackers] (https://www.kaspersky.com/resource-center/definitions/white-hat-hackers), we combine our knowledge of the ‘hackers’ mindset, together with an understanding of how large security consultancies operate, we are able to provide a fully hands-free service. We have a combined experience of over 20 years in the cyber-security industry; the majority of which was spent as part of the world’s largest Pentesting team. We’ve developed a set of tools and policies that distil tried and tested methods, helping secure businesses of all sizes. With our managed service plans we will be examining your business in detail so we can identify how and by what methods attackers can target you. We will show you what changes need to be made to have strong business cyber security and reduce the risk of an attack being successful. After that, we'll help you develop, and implement, policies specific to your circumstances that will allow you to stay on top as the threat landscape evolves in the future. [Contact us today] (https://ronin-pentest.com/contact) for more information on our fully managed service plans so we can help you get your business protected all year round.

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