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Why Should I take Cyber Security Seriously?

Cyber criminals will attack indiscriminately whether you are a private individual, an SME or a large corporate company. You are a potential target for your data or your money!

Why do I need a Cyber Security Company to test my network?

  1. Regulatory reasons
  2. Expand your client base to include customers who require that suppliers have cyber security testing done
  3. The fear or the past experience of cyber attacks

Why Ronin?

We bring cyber security to business owners who know that security is an issue they should be considering but don’t know what to do about it.
It is our desire to provide that advice and assistance.
We do that by combining our understanding of the hackers mindset together with an understanding of how large security consultancies operate.
In many cases there is no need to spend many thousands to improve a company’s security stance, at least not initially.

Can you guarantee our security?

There can be no guarantees that a company or individual is 100% unhackable.
Even with the most advanced and well configured systems in place there is always the potential for human error.
This is why hackers continue to have success in breaching companies and individuals. If they can’t get in through weaknesses in technology then they can generally get in as a result of human error.

How much does it cost to use RONIN?

One credit is £7.50
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Infrastructure Scan costs 2 credits.
Web Scan costs 10 credits
Full Scan costs 11 credits
Open Source Intelligence costs 20 credits
Vulnerability scanning services start from under £100 and increase depending on the size of the estate to be protected.

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