Environmental and Diversity Policies

Environmental Policy

At Ronin we seek to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact of all of our operations and services. One of the established norms within the information security industry, accepted by clients and consultants alike, is that assessments of internal networks need necessarily be carried out by consultants at the client's location. We aim to challenge this as much as possible and as a result reduce the associated costs to our clients in both environmental and financial terms. It has to be said we sometimes go onsite to meet with clients, scope projects and in some cases carry out testing. While this is true we are taking advantage of advances in technology to reduce onsite work and replace it with the same standard of results our clients would expect but with a lesser environmental footprint and a lower financial cost. By sending our clients a Ronin Module which IT staff can connect to the network as required we can carry out internal testing remotely thereby removing all the associated travel and accommodation costs.

Diversity Policy

At Ronin we believe in finding the most talented individuals to join our team no matter where they come from or what their background is. Currently every member of staff is Dyslexic and some of us also fit on the Autism scale. As a result we are particularly sympathetic to those who have been challenged by conventional education methods. We celebrate that race, religion, sexual orientation, background and even educational qualifications are not a measure of a person. All of us with Ronin have succeeded in the face of and in some ways as a result of, educational and mental health challenges. We aim to support and encourage our team members and the wider community in every aspect of their lives.

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