The Ronin Way

“Only by seeing how attacks are carried out and seeing the results will you truly value a more secure approach to your business”


The Ronin Way is Simple


It starts with a review of your security protocols and procedures, a no - nonsense audit starting with face to face meetings with you and relevant heads of department throughout your organization.


Once the review has been completed we will recommend a series of improvements that you can make to your protocols before any vulnerability testing takes place in the knowledge that you will be as prepared as possible for the next stage – the RONIN attack!


Our incredibly talented ethical hackers can now look for vulnerabilities in your system and recommend further technical improvements to go alongside the ‘human error’ safeguards you will have in place from our initial review.

Scan Services

As an introduction to the RONIN Way we offer a series of online low cost scans that give you an initial highly effective way to test your assets

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